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Why Father and Son Fishing Trips Makes the Perfect Gift
March 23, 2022 at 5:00 AM

There are few gifts better than experiences. While clothing, electronics, or tools are often appreciated and well-received by fathers, gifting them with father and son fishing trips is sure to thrill. Years later, when you and your father look back on the best times you spent together, a quality fishing trip will always stand out in both of your memories.

So, whether you’re preparing for Father’s Day, or just want to surprise your old man with something special, here are the reasons a guided fishing trip should be your top choice.

The Experience of Somewhere New

Travel is always exciting. No matter who you are, how old you might be, or even how much you’ve already seen of the world, there’s nothing quite like a new place. The experience of seeing new sights with someone is unique.

Even more so if you’re going somewhere new to fish! That means new fish to catch, new waters to see, and a trip of a lifetime.

Quality, Memorable Time

As you get older, life becomes busy. Opportunities to spend quality time with your dad might become fewer, so a guided fishing trip is that much more memorable.

Sure, you can always catch up over the phone or take a weekend trip to visit, but a guided fishing trip is an adventure! It’s the chance to strengthen your connection in a beautiful area doing something you both love: fishing.

What’s more, a father-son fishing trip is just that. Father and son, together in the great outdoors, reconnecting with one another in a timeless, American tradition.

Learn Different Ways to Fish

Now, if you really want to get the full experience of a quality fishing trip, you should consider a guided fly fishing trip. At JFLY, we offer fly fishing trips and tours all around Arkansas warm and cold waters. Both full and half-day trips. On our tours, we specialize in fly fishing.

Fly fishing is different from the traditional fishing you and dad might be used to. It’s more challenging, requires a different kind of technique, and the fish you catch with fly fishing is going to be unlike any you’ve caught before. In particular, we’ll stalk fish like rainbow trout while creek wading. Even if you and your dad are already familiar with fly fishing, a guided fishing tour with pros will help you hone your skills!

Start a Yearly Tradition

If you both end up thoroughly enjoying your guided fishing trip, (we’re sure you will!), you may be able to start a yearly Father-Son tradition. Once a year, you both make time to take a trip together. It becomes a yearly ritual — and becomes a way for the two of you to continually catch up, reflect over the years, and think about the future.

If you have children of your own, you may even bring them along and start a family tradition that carries over for generations to come! A yearly fishing tradition will turn into a family one that lets you and your father, and you and your son or daughter, bond over the history of your family and the experiences everyone shared.

Plan Your Father and Son Guided Fishing Trips with JFly

If you’re ready to enjoy the natural beauty Arkansas has to offer, all while experiencing a new way to fish, contact us at JFly to learn more about our guided tours.

You’ll get to learn from professional fly fishers, or take your skills to the next level! We love fishing with both veteran fly fishers and newcomers alike. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about gear if you don’t have any. Just let us know when you book your trip, and we’ll make sure you have what you need.

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