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Three Types of Fly Fishing Tours We Love
February 20, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of people taking a wading fishing tour in Arkansas.

Arkansas has some of the best fly-fishing waters in the country. Whether you’re a local, vacationing, or visiting specifically to fish, a tour is a great way to make the most of your time on the water. Fishing alongside experienced anglers allows you to learn new techniques and strategies for pursuing your quarry. Here are three types of fishing tours at JFLY Fishing in Arkansas.

Half-Day Arkansas Spring Creek Wading

Explore the swollen feeder creeks surrounding Arkansas’s Spring Creek with a casual, half-day wading tour. As lifelong residents of the area, our anglers know the best spots to find quarries depending on the time of year and where fish have recently been striking best.

When you book a trip with JFLY Fishing, we’ll work with you to find:

  • Walleye
  • Rainbows
  • Cutbows
  • Browns

Stalking fish with creek wading is optimal to experience the gorgeous Arkansas scenery.

Our half-day trips last four to five hours and are ideal for one to two people who want to try a different way to fish Arkansas waters. Learn new casting and lure techniques, improve upon your current skill set, or take advantage of guide expertise to find a new favorite fishing spot.

Full-Day White River Below Bull Shoals

JFLY Fishing provides both warm water and cold water float tours for three-season fishing. Our full-day trips include below Beaver Dam and below Bull Shoal. The Bull Shoals tour has more water and trout species, including:

  • Rainbow
  • Brown
  • Cutthroat
  • Cutbows

During cold water fishing, anglers have the opportunity to catch world-record-setting trout. A full day with our guides includes floating through the picturesque creeks, surrounded by bluffs and crystal-clear water. The best part of our full-day trips is simply walking onto the boat and relaxing in nature while our guides handle the logistics.

Arkansas Overnight Camping Fly Fishing

Immerse yourself in the full range of fishing on the White and Norfolk River with two full days of fishing and an overnight in the Arkansas natural splendor. We customize the itinerary to your fishing goals and the time of year. Discover some of the best streamer fishing in the world with our warm water overnight tours. Camping trips also provide plenty of time to practice and improve skills without wasting time in fruitless searches for fish.

Our guides are also current on Arkansas fishing regulations for catch and keep and when seasons are opening for the many fish species in the region.

When you book an overnight trip with JFLY Fishing, we provide everything for a comfortable and relaxing wilderness trip, from equipment to meals. You can focus on enjoying your time on the river without hauling and setting up a campsite. Instead, you can simply arrive and fish.

Our guides can help connect clients who don’t enjoy camping with one of the many lodging options in the area.

Contact JFLY to book a fishing tour in Arkansas, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Go fishing with expert anglers on a mission to provide professionally guided trips for clients from across the nation. Both Arkansas warm and cold water offer world-class fishing, and a fishing tour can help you make the most of your time on the river. JFLY takes clients wading in secluded streams and floating on the White River, providing tight lines, great conversation, and delicious dinners.

Whether you’re new to fly fishing or an experienced angler, our top priority is to make sure you have a great time on the river. Explore the river with JFLY to learn new skills, and get expert tips for finding and hooking Arkansas fish.

Contact our team to book your next fly fishing trip in Arkansas; we offer half, full, and overnight fishing tours.

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