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What to bring when you go wade fishing
December 9, 2021 at 7:00 AM
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Fishing without everything you need to be successful can be a miserable experience. Whether you forgot specific items in your fly box or left your lunch on the kitchen counter, it can make for a long and miserable experience. No matter how many times you’ve gone fishing, you want to make sure that you have the essentials on your list. For those looking for a new fishing adventure in wade fishing, our team at JFly Fishing has put together a short packing list to help you make sure you have everything you need.

Flies and gear

It might feel like it goes without saying, but sometimes the most obvious items are the ones we forget. If you have your own fishing gear, you want to make sure it comes with you. This is what you’re most comfortable with because it’s familiar. Everything from the feel of the rod to the turn of the reel to the placement of your flies in their box. While there’s often a solution when you do forget your gear, you’re going to have the best experience when you bring your own.

Waders and boots

There’s nothing wrong with wading out into a stream, river, or lake in a pair of shorts and tennis shoes. This can often be an enjoyable way to fish on a warm summer day. However, you might find the river or stream water gets awfully cold after a short time of it rushing by your legs. Waders are highly recommended as this will help you stay warm. Beyond staying warm, you won’t have to worry about drying off your legs when you get out of the water to take a lunch break or before you get in the car to head home.

Sturdy boots are an essential item to include with your waders. You can often get by in the water with an old pair of sneakers, but boots that are designed for wading will provide an added measure of traction under the water, so you don’t lose your footing. Even if you’re not planning on wearing waders, boots are a much sturdier option than wearing sandals or tennis shoes.

Waist pack or backpack

A waist pack or backpack is recommended as a way to keep the essentials with you when you’re out at the water. Having a pack with you makes it easy to ensure that you have tools readily available when you need to clip a line, repair a hook, or even grab a snack. The less time you spend wading back to land to get equipment, the more time you’ll have to enjoy fishing.

Choosing between a waist pack or a backpack is entirely up to you. Consider the pros and cons of each when weighing your options. A waist pack is easily accessible as the pockets will be near the same height as your hands. Although you might feel that you’re constantly adjusting it with every move you make. A backpack often will hang effortlessly, but it could impede the range of motion you have with your shoulders. Decide whichever works best for you, and remember to load it with the essentials.

Food and water

Plans to spend the day fishing can often get cut short when you forget to bring food and water. Even if you’re not planning to bring snacks, lunch and drinks will be an essential part of what you take with you when you go wade fishing. It doesn’t necessarily need to fit in your pack, but bring something that you feel will fill you up and give you the energy to go throughout the day. Don’t hesitate to bring a cooler with several water bottles or drinks of your choice.

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