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Best Places to Go Fly Fishing in Arkansas
December 29, 2021 at 5:00 AM
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Fly fishers in Arkansas are about to get very busy.

December marks the start of the fly fishing season, and many fishers want to find the best places to catch a fish.

Whether you’re brand new to fly fishing or are an experienced angler, everyone loves to learn about new places to cast a line.

Here at JFly Fishing, we offer plenty of fishing services, from personalized tours and excursions to lessons and general fishing trips. We have plenty of experience fishing throughout Arkansas and found some of the best spots for fly fishing.

White River Tailwater

You’ll find plenty of great opportunities to fish for brown trout just below the Bull Shoals Dam. In December, several smaller fish try to swim to warmer water and get caught up in the dam. This creates a feeding ground for brown trout of all sizes and makes for the perfect spot to fish.

Little Red River

The Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery sits just below the dam on the Little Red River. During certain times of the week, the hatchery releases oxygenated water into the river, which encourages trout to grow. While you can wade in this river, it may be best to bring a boat so that you can bring along several rod options for your fly fishing.

Norfolk Dam

If you’re looking for a wide range of trout, you’ll want to try fly fishing below the Norfolk Dam. Much like the places listed above, the highly oxygenated water and increase of smaller fish make this location ideal for catching big, strong trout. However, make sure you check the dam generation schedule so that you’re sure to fish when the water is safe.

Crooked Creek

If you’re not able to make it out to Arkansas before the spring, don’t fret. The Crooked Creek offers great fishing in March, with plenty of smallmouth bass to go around. Keep in mind that this is a catch and release location, so you won’t be able to take your fish home with you. As long as you have a water-proof smartphone case, you’ll be able to document your big catch and have quite the story to tell.

Ouachita River

You’re sure to find plenty of trout in the Ouachita River just below the dam. Whether you prefer to wade or bring a boat, either method works well for fly fishing at this location. In the wintertime, you’ll be able to catch some trout, but in the early spring, you’re more likely to catch smallmouth bass.

If you want to have a memorable fly fishing vacation, it’s important to know where to go fishing. It’s also crucial to understand what kind of bait you need, as well as rods and fishing lines. Get the most out of your fishing trip by booking a trip with an experienced angler.

We here at JFly Fishing believe in creating a great experience for all of our clients and guests. From helping younger fishers learn how to cast a line to coaching experienced anglers on new tactics, we are here to ensure you get the most out of your fishing trip.

Contact us today to learn more about our fly fishing tours! We can’t wait to get out on the water with you.

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