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White River below Beaver Dam, Arkansas.

White River

Below Beaver Dam


Floating the White River below Beaver Dam, from a drift boat, offers world-class fly fishing opportunities throughout the year. Here, we are mostly going for Trout and Walleye. This beautiful area offers some of the best streamer fishing

in the world.

Beaver Dam offers excellent Rainbow Trout, Cutbows, and Brown Trout fishing as well as exceptionally good Walleye fishing. It is also a very scenic float with many bluffs, awesome little creeks, and crystal clear water which allow insane visual eats.


Here I thrive. I love how technically challenging the big fish are and how it reminds me of how I grew up fishing

back home.


Streamer fishing and nymphing are effective

and fun ways to put fish in the boat. The easy currents, slow pace, clear water and many species of fish make it a great way to learn the intricacies of streamer fishing on one of the most beautiful and unspoiled rivers in the South. 

Bull Shoals


Bull Shoals offers more water as well as a few more trout species including Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats, and Cutbows.

The boat I use is a 2018 Clackacraft Head Hunter Skiff II. The advantage drift boat fishing has over the river boats commonly used in Arkansas is we can fish at an incredibly slow pace, ultimately fishing more water effectively. 


Here there's always the chance of hooking a world-record challenger. In order to get the full effect two days and one overnight are highly recommended.

We also fish the Norfolk Tailwaters. It is a sweet little special stretch of the White River that flows out of Norfork Dam and into the White River under Bull Shoals. The Norfork is just as famous as Bull Shoals for its world record sized trout.


JFLY offers excellent weekend overnight packages, where all of your fishing and camping needs are anticipated and provided for at extremely reasonable rates.

If camping isn't desired, a client can pick a lodge of their choice. There are many we've worked with before and are highly recommended, and we can work with clients to find accommodations which will suit their individual needs and preferences.

Jake Flood, JFLY Fly Fishing, Orvis endorsed fly fishing guide, Aranksas, Idaho & Wyoming fly fishing.
Jake Flood J Fly fly fishing Arkansas

Wade Fishing


The local Arkansas creeks and rivers offer great wading and floating opportunities especially, in the Spring.

Wade fishing in the creeks for Smallmouth, Largemouth, Spotted Bass, and Carp is great when it
is warm, so from March through November it is an exceptionally intense and exciting way to fly fish.


Although we are fly fishing, we are basically "hunting" the fish and stalking them.


The streams and tributaries here are so pristine it is all sight fishing in crystal clear water, which is awesome!